Greek Mythology



1. With your partner, research your assigned god/goddess using the Edith Hamilton text, online databases and other approved resources.
2. Design a wiki page that includes the following: god/goddess (Greek and Roman names), symbols, realm, family tree, personal characteristics, anecdotes, visuals and or video clips, and "fun facts" (movie credits, contributions to language, etc.).
3. You will also contribute information about one or more mythological characters on a joint page. Include details such as relationship to gods, special powers, and famous anecdotes. Write in full sentences and include one small
visual image.
3. Your god/goddess page will be evaluated based on content (spelling and grammar count), ease of navigation, creativity and visual appeal.
4. Your page must contain a table of contents and all research must be accurately cited. All images and videos must be cited. Do not copy and paste text from one source onto your page.

Wiki Rules

1. Never use your full name or give out any personal information such as a phone number.
2. Everything you type can be read (even if you delete it) by others, including site managers (Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Kerr). Use appropriate language and make revision suggestions respectfully.
3. Do not edit a group member's work without first consulting them.
4. Only one person can edit any given page at a time. Therefore, consult your partner via phone, email, IM, etc. before you begin editing from home. If two people are working simultaneously, only one person's work will be saved.


Your main page is worth 25 points and your contribution to the Mythological Characters page is worth 5 points. See #3 under Assignment for what you will be graded on.