Hepaestus is known as the lame god. Hephaestus was referred to as the lame god because he was physically disabled. His fall from Olympus caused him to be crippled forever. There is another spelling for Hephaestus. Some people will spell his name like Hephaistos. His Roman name is Vulcan.


In Roman mythology he is the god of volcanoes. His symbol in Roman mythology is a volcano. In Greek mythology, he is only associated with craftsmanship and fire. His symbols in Greek mythology are fire, a hammer, and an axe.

Family Tree

He was the son of Hera and Zeus, but according to some, Hephaestus was not Zeus’ son. Some believe that Hera was not happy with
Zeus and dedcided to create her own son. But according to myths, Hera was not happy with Hephaestus and decided to kick him out of Olympus. He was not the son she wanted him to be. He was crippled and ugly. She wanted a son that could be better than Zeus, and to her Hephaestus was not this son. However, there is some disagreement between myths. According to some myths, his father was the one who threw Hephaestus out of Olympus. It is thought that he tried to protect his mother and Zeus got so angry with Hephaestus, he threw him out. Some say this is when he was crippled because he broke his legs when he after his fall.

Personal Characteristics

Hephaestus married Aphrodite, but it was not an ordinary arrangement. Hephaestus was not physically attractive and wanted a marriage. He was still mad because he was not accepted and decided to seek revenge. It is said that he built a throne for his mother Hera, and she sat down on the throne and eventually realized she was stuck. Hephaestus captured his mother using the chair and would not let her go. Even though Dionysus got Hephaestus drunk, Hephaestus would not let Hera go until he got his way by marrying Athena or Aphrodite. He ended up married to Aphrodite and was not happy. She cheated on him and he ended up publicly humiliating her.

Fun Facts

He was given the chance to supervise Cyclopes. He took the offer and watched over what they did. He was said to have made Zeus’ (his father’s) lightening bolts. Because he was such a gifted craftsman and knew his way around blacksmithing, he was given the task of making many things for Olympus. He made everything from his father’s thunderbolts to signs. He got his recognition (and ticket back into Olympus) after he proved his skills by working as a blacksmith underwater. His mother saw the things he created and wanted to take him back as her son. When his mother threw him from Olympus, he landed in a sea and was rescued by two goddesses. They taught him how to make things and he eventually created “beautiful” things.
He was not a mean or cruel god. He was sweet and kept to himself. Even though he trapped his mother for revenge, he was a genuinely good god.
He was a very strong god, even with his bad legs. He had a lot of physical strength. He needed to be strong in order to be a blacksmith.

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