General Information

Athena was the Greek and Roman god of wisdom, warfare, meaning, purity, and humanity. She was also the defender of heroes in battle, and the chief of the three virgin goddesses of Mt. Olympus. She was Zeus' favorite daughter and he loved her so much that he trusted her with his precious insignia (his sheild), and his aegis (his ray). Athena is also referred to as Athene, Maiden, to her Roman name, Minerva, and to Parthanos. Her city was Athens in Greece and the Parthenon was her temple. The name Parthanos was used when the Parthanon was built. Lastly, she is known as Hygieia for she had miraculously healed Propylaea whose health was in extremely poor condition.


  • Spear, shield, helmet- Athena was the godess of war. War items often represent her.
  • Spindle- Athena was known for her skills in weaving and sewing. She can be represented by craft items.
  • Parthenon- The temple dedicated to Athena was the Parthenon.
  • Owl- Athena's bird was the owl, a symbol of intellegence.
  • Olive tree- Athena grew the very first olive tree.
  • Colors: Gold, Green, Orange, Royal Blue.
  • Gems: Turqoise, gold, ruby.
  • Plants: Tiger Lily, oak, citrus tree, greanium.
  • Scents: Patchouli, indago, orange blossom, cinnamon.

Personal Life and Information:


Zeus, afraid that his pregnant wife Metis was carrying the son that would overthrow him, swallowed her. Inside of Zeus' head, Metis began to make a helmet and cloak for her child. The bang of the helmet caused Zeus unbearable headaches, and eventually he was in so much pain that the God Hephaestus ran over to him and split his skull open. When he did this, the fully grown, fully armored, and beautiful Athena jumped out of Zeus' skull. She quickly became Zeus' favorite child.


Athena was the leader of the three virgin godesses on Mt. Olympus. She was once seen bathing with a nymph named Chariclo by Teiresias. Athena was so upset that she blinded him, but after feeling guilty, rewarded him with the ability to see the future.
Some say that Hephaestus tried to rape Athena. She fled and as he chased her, she spred his seeds on the earth. From these seeds, his son was born. Athena raised him in secrecy with the help of the Cercrops daughters for many years. One day the curious daughters opened the basket in which the child was hidden. They found the child suffocated by a serpant. They were so upet by their actions that they committed suicide by jumping off the top of the Acropolis.


Among Athena's personal interests were weaving and playing war with her friends. Athena was an marvelous weaver, and one day she heard of a mortal Lydian girl named Arachne who was also a marvelous weaver. Athena decided to meet Arachne and view some of her famous weavings. When Athena laid eyes on the first tapestry, she was filled with envy for she could never weave anything as beautiful as this mortal girl could. In an envious rage, she tore the tapestry in two. Arachne was heartbroken and ran to a far off cave. Regretting what she had done, Athena followed her to the cave and found her dead body there. She brought her back to life as a spider, because spiders weave for themselves and not to impress others.
Athena also enjoyed having pretend battles with her friends. One day, she was playing a war game with her friend named Pallas. Legend has it that she accidentally killed her. Some people say that Zeus saw that Pallas was going to win, so he distracted her causing Athena to stab her. Others say that it was Athena's fault. Athena then added Pallas to her name and became known as "Pallas Athena". Others say that she added "Pallas" to her name because it is the Greek word for "girl".

Friends and Foes

Athena and Poseidon were allies up until the fall of Troy. Their falling out was caused by Athena's idea on how to save Troy being ignored by Poseidon and his mortals. This greatly angered her, and the two ended their friendship. Another falling out between Athena and Poseidon was their conflict over a city named Kekropia. Both of the god's wished for Kekropia to be their own city, and thus they held a contest for it. Whichever god could give the best gift to the city would claim it as their own. Poseidon went first, and struck the rocky Acropolis with his trident. At that spot, a spring of salt water appeared, which was pretty yet not very useful. Athena went second, and struck the rock with her spear. At that spot the first olive tree appeared. The olive had many uses; the most prominent being olive oil used for cooking and trade. Athena was clearly the winner, and she renamed the city Athens after herself. Before Athena and Posidon grew apart, however, they together tried to create a storm to whipe out the Greeks' ships in Homer's The Odyssey. This is bcause Athena and Posiden had lost their faith in the Greeks.
Athena also had a very strong relationship with Nike, the spirit of voctory. Together, they enjoyed leading battles. Additionally, Athena made a appeareance in the story 'Athena and Bellerophon". In this myth, she helpes a man named Bellerophon help find his biological father. Lastly, Athena helped Oredtes with this problems involving murder, blame and the curse of the House of Atreus.

Fun Facts About Athena:

  • Athena was the inventor of the bridal and tamed horses.
  • Athena invented the flute. The first one was made of a deer horn with holes in it.
  • She was the creator of the olive and the olive tree.
  • Minerva harnessed the first war chariots.
  • It is said that she invened the pottery wheel and made the firls pieces with it.
  • She was so artistically skilled that she embroidered Hera's veil.

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