Table of Contents

1. Other Names
2. Symbols
3. Realm
4. Family Tree
5. Fun Facts
6. Temple Sites
7. Story
8. Sources

Artemis was the god of hunting and eventually became the god of the moon
She was also the virgin god and god of fertility and childbirth.

Other Names=

Artemis is also known as Cynthia and Diana. Diana is her latin name.


Artemis’ symbol was the bow and arrow because she was the huntress god. Her other symbol was the crescent moon because she was the god of the moon.


Artemis’ realm was in the forest where she hunted. She also had a sanctuary at Braunon where boys and girls studied.

Family Tree

Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus . Her twin brother is Apollo , the god of the sun.

Personal Characteristics

Artemis was fierce and revengeful. She was also possessive. She was very independent and she was against marriage because she thought that marriage took away a woman's independence.

Fun Facts

  • At age three it is said that Artemis demanded several wishes from her father, Zeus
  • One of her wishes was for eternal virginity.
  • She didn’t like men.
  • She represents fertility because she helped her mother give birth to her brother Apollo
  • She would help mothers though birth and guided children
  • She always took her brothers side on matters such as the Trojan War.
  • She was known for helping people by giving them a quick death so they were not in pain for very long

Temple Sites

Her temple sites are at Braunon which is outside of Athens and Ephesus in Turkey.
She always took her brothers side on matters such as the Trojan War.


Actaeon was hunting in the forest and saw Artemis bathing in a pool after she had finished hunting. Artemis caught Actaeon watching her and she turned him into a stag and he was killed by his own hunting dogs.


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