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Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother to Artemis was the god of music, healing, and light. Apollo's symbol, the lyre, represents the musical talent he possesses. As the god of the sun, it was Apollo's job to fly the chariot from the east in the morning, to the west at night. The first woman Apollo fell in love with; Daphne, swore never to marry like the god Artemis. Apollo however would not give up on her, and his constant chasing her resulted in Daphne's father, a river god, to turn her into a bush to protect her from Apollo. In memory of Daphne, Apollo wore a laurel wreath, which becomes the prize for musicians and athletes in competitions. With Apollo's second love, a human woman named Clymene, he has a son named Phaethon.

Family tree of the gods

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Fun Facts

-Sun god
-Had a golden chariot that he drove across the sky
-Ignored Clytie that was in love with him
-Apollo falls in love with Daphne, the daughter of a river god
-Daphne didn't love him, she was afraid of him
-Her dad turns her into a bush to protect her from Apollo
-Apollo wore a laurel wreath in memory of her
-A laurel wreath became the prize for musicians and athletes
-Apollo has a son Phaethon with his mortal love Clymene

Modern References

Apollo's Chariot

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
  • top speed 73 mph
  • 9 drops
  • Height - 170
  • Drop - 210
  • Ride Time - 2 min 15 sec

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Apollo Spacecrafts

Apollo 1-17 are Nasa manned space missions. Spacecrafts are represented by Apollo's chariot flying steady every day.
Apollo 1 - First Apollo - [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_27|January]] 27, 1967
Apollo 17 - Most recent - December 7, 1972
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external image apollo_2.jpg This is apollo and the nine Muses

external image apollo3837.jpg A closeup of Apollo

external image apolloSunChariot.jpg A mosaic of Apollo driving his golden chariot across the sky

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